The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Sleep

If you cannot remember the last time you had a good night’s sleep, you need to change your ways. Sleeping isn’t just about resting for eight hours, but it should also let you feel refreshed the next morning. It is important that you have uninterrupted snoozing, but the problem is that it is difficult for us to commit to quieting our minds and calming our bodies.

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Your Sleeping Position Reveals Who You Are

It is no secret that getting a good night’s sleep is crucial for our health. But behavioral theorists believe it’s not just about the amount of time we spend with our eyes shut; our sleeping position also has something to do with ourselves, particularly our personality.Here are the sleeping positions and what they reveal about you:

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The Right Pillows for Different Sleeping Styles

Your sleeping position has a direct effect on your health. Depending on what you’re used to, it can affect the alignment of your spine, your respiration, and it can even give you wrinkles. While the best way to stop the effects is to change your sleeping position, you can also alleviate the negative impacts by choosing the right pillow. Your pillow can give support to your spine and neck, while giving your head the support it requires as well.

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How to Make Friends if You Live in a Condo

They say moving to a new place gives us a new beginning, but making new friends can definitely be intimidating. If you recently moved into a condo and you want to be friends with your neighbors, this doesn’t have to be a scary experience. After all, a lot has changed in the condo setting. Nowadays, condos offer a lot of amenities that make socializing easier. Many buildings have Pilates rooms as well as yoga rooms, steam rooms, and even indoor pools where you can meet and talk to other people.

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Sleepover Ideas for Boys

Sleepovers are not just for girls; boys enjoy them as much as their female counterpart does. If you’re a parent and your child wants to host a sleepover for his buddies, this can be a challenge. In fact, it can be such a thought-provoking experience no matter what the age. However, it should not overwhelm you because even without spending a lot of money, the sleepover can be worth remembering for your boy and his friends (or for you).

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